• The Dragon-SMG is a high performance, modular & lightweight sound suppressor for sub machine guns.
  • The modular design enables the Dragon-SMG to be configured for a mission-specific requirements, by adding or removing suppressor modules.
  • There are no welds to crack or springs to jam or break. There are no moving parts. Each module is CNC Machined.
  • The Dragon-SMG incorporates a unique, patented Flash Hider with a Q-Lock with no moving parts to be fitted or removed using just one hand (left or right) with a straight 45 degree twist and click.  No tools are required for mounting or dismounting the suppressor.


Caliber:  9 mm
Overall Length: 206 mm
Added length: 170 mm
Diameter:  Ø42 mm
Weight: 380 G
Mount Type: QC
Finish: Dark/Matt
Materials: Stainless/

Sound reduction: -34 db C 158grs.subsonic