• 2000+yd range (w/optional receiver, 600yd w/out)
  • Shoot multiple targets with one camera
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom or fixed camera options
  • Color high resolution detailed target image
  • Unaffected by vibration, thermal blur, and weather
  • Small portable soft-packs for easy transport


  • 10-12 hour battery life, rechargeable built-in batteries
  • BB 5590/2590 – External Military battery option
  • Easy to use with many fields for recording parameters & notes
  • Individual shot marking and annotation
  • Automatic shot error calculation
  • Shot group error statistics including Center of Mass and MOA performance
  • Rapidly capture snapshots for post  action or third party review
  • Antenna mast, ballistic shield, hard case, & computer display options

Allows instructors to monitor multiple shooting lanes simultaneously from a tablet or a laptop computer via close up images from remote cameras placed near the targets.


  • Monitors up to 16 lanes simultaneously.
  • Clear close up images of shot performance for each lane
  • User may select from 1 to 16 lanes for display
  • Works with Perfect Shots ™ UM1 and UM2 systems
  • Text boxes for entering shooting session information and notes
  • Set up each lane with a shooter name for easy tracking
  • Rapidly capture snapshots for post action or third party review