Welcome to IT&T.

about usIT&T is staffed by a core group of dedicated professionals who focus their efforts on assisting war fighters to develop sights, lasers and other equipment.

IT&T successfully introduced red-dot sights for crew-served weapons to the US and NATO forces and they offered:

    • Reduce time to target engagement
    • Ensure first round hits
    • Increase weapon accuracy
    • Reduced collateral damage

IT&T’s Universal Machinegun Sights (UMS) and Machine Gun Sight  (MGS) are  the result of 5+ years of Crew-Served Optics market experience. They offer:

    • Low Cost
    • Modular Design – Modular design enables Flexible  mission configuration and upgrade
    • Universal: One sight  for all crew-served weapons
    • Simple product maintenance and upgrade
    • Improved quality and reliability

The UMS and MGS are designed and assembled in USA.

    • Factory in Midland, VA
    • Range in Midland, VA