Welcome to the home of IntelliOptix Products

Based in Virginia, we specialize in Manufacturing Crew Served Weapon Sights such as:

    • Machinegun Sight (MGS)
    • Universal Machine Gun Sight (UMS)

These sights allow for a quick target acquisition and simplifies the shooting process- Just point & shoot.

With a very large FOV, these CSW sights enable:

    • One-Shot-One-Hit capability
    • Improved Situational awareness
    • Improved accuracy helps to relieve collateral damage concerns
    • Both-eyes-open shooting both stationary and moving targets.
    • Operator’s confidence in the field.

Our sights reduce the training time and save ammo !

In addition, IT&T manufactures the latest modular suppressor, modular sight system and others. IT&T located in Midland, VA and the facility includes a latest indoor/outdoor range for testing various weapons, sights and ammo.

Currently, IT&T is registered with the Department of State as a Manufacture and Exporter of defense products and the company can process its own Export Licenses.

Also, IT&T has received the following licenses from the BATF:

  • Manufacturer of Firearms other than destructive devices
  • Importer of Firearms other than destructive devices